The Brand Purpose answers the question why the brand exists and what it strives for. It is based on core beliefs and values. A strong brand purpose is an essential growth driver for the brand: it motivates customers, employees and other relevant stakeholders and guides brand decisions and activities. Studies* have shown that brands with a compelling brand purpose grow 3x as fast as brands without this clear direction.


The objective of the Brand Purpose Program is to develop and consistently activate a powerful brand purpose. The first step is to gain clarity about the core beliefs behind the brand. In a second step a compelling brand purpose is created and activated across all areas related to the brand.

Target Group:

  • Brand team & Marketing leadership
  • Market research


  • The key to a powerful brand purpose
  • Purpose development using the BBF Purpose Framework
    • Brand history
    • Core beliefs and brand values
  • Purpose – inspiring wording
  • Purpose activation
    • Make the purpose broadly visible and noticeable
    • The role of the Brand Artist


  • BBF PURPOSE Framework
  • Brand PURPOSE examples
  • Group work and discussions
  • Consumer interviews for qualitative feedback


  • Is developed individually


  • 4-10 participants


  • Brand history
  • Brand positioning & values

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*Jim Stengel: GROW – How Ideals power growth and profit at the world’s 50 greatest companies