Who doesn’t know them, those heartening worldly wisdoms, witticisms and proverbs that we are regaled with since childhood by well-intentioned people? These seem so trivial to us today that we can’t honor them or take them to heart. Or those persistent questions asked by children and seemingly uncomprehending outsiders, those provoking questions that challenge convictions or authority and are simply too much to face?

Possibly some things only sound so trivial because they are simply true. And maybe questions are often inconvenient only because they force our thinking into a new direction. However, precisely this is the source of stimulus, opportunity and challenge. Those who draw upon the treasure of human wisdom and creativity increase the likelihood of new thoughts and extraordinary ideas arising.

3 booklets, available in German language for 7,90 € for one or in a set of 3 for 21,70 € directly here via mail.

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