Dear companions on the way, dear friends of Power Facilitation


It is a privilege to be able to participate in this exciting time of change and to promote positive development and growth. To create spaces and free spaces in which our potential can unfold and be used to the advantage of all. Many of these potentials slumbering in us are powerful, unique and cannot be replaced by AI.  We learn, grow and design based on the possibilities that arise when we awaken this potential.  It is unpredictable and not measurable That inspires us. This is how truly new, exciting and valuable things are created, without us being able to reproduce these wonderful results using algorithms. It inspires us to drive change forward in a positive way.


Recognising this, more and more people, organisations and companies are turning to new opportunities to develop. This requires courage and, in many cases, a fundamental rethink. Instead of focusing on logically structured, efficient and well thought-out contents, processes and forms of cooperation, we draw on the source of human potential. We grant freedom, promote self-organization and openness to results, break up the usual, go through processes whose results are not foreseeable at the beginning, discover new and unknown things that do not fit into what we know and grow beyond ourselves.


We invite you to help shape this exciting journey into new territory and learn from each other how to advance the positive spirit of change.


There are dates:


Power UP Session: igniting the untapped potential in the team- 27 August, 17. September & 10 December


Facilitate Success: Ignition! Reflection on facilitative leaders and their role – 29/30 October


Inspiring out of the box results: Methods and instruments for powerful potential- 20/21 August


Day of potential development: 14. November


More information on the events can be found at

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