Leverage the crisis as an opportunity

The past weeks and months have confronted us all with major challenges. Covid-19 had an unforeseeable and immediate impact on our society, on the economy and certainly also on your company. The way we live and the way we work has changed dramatically and most managers were busy with crisis management and hardly had any time to think longer-term.

But now – slowly but surely – a “next normal” is emerging and this is a good time to pause and look ahead. Although the situation is still very volatile and things continue to change by week, it is important to prepare for the long-run and answer some strategic questions, even if the path is not yet fully clear.

  • What is different in the “next normal” and how will this affect our company?
  • Is our business model still working or we need to make changes?
  • Which new opportunities arise in this transformed environment?

We would be glad to support you and your leadership teams in answering these questions with our Covid-19 Impact Workshop. In this session, we combine the latest findings of the Think Tank Zukunftsinstitut with our expertise in future design / strategy development and facilitation.

In 2 online sessions of 2-3 hours each, we guide you and your management team through a structured thinking process to

  • analyse the impact of Covid-19 on your business
  • identify risks and opportunities and develop scenarios for the coming weeks, months and years
  • develop concrete measures and action plans

Day 1:   9h00-12h00                       Day 2:   9h00-11h00

Method: Interactive Online-Workshop led by 2 BBF facilitators – or on site, if possible.

Let us successfully master the crisis together. We are here to support you and your teams!

Your BBF Team

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