In the course of our tightly scheduled work and private life, we rarely find the time to really contemplate. To contemplate means to become aware, to use all our faculties, and to reflect. It means being able to distinguish what is truly important from what is not quite so important, and to explore new directions. As the German poet Christian Morgenstern put it: “You often look at something a hundred or even a thousand times, before you actually see it for the first time.” Only those who use all their faculties will be able to discover something new and precious, something that would have remained hidden from us, had we not taken the time to contemplate.

We at BBF wish all of you a time of peace and contemplation that will enable all of us to start into the new year with fresh energy. And keep in mind G.C. Lichtenberg’s motto in 2019 as well: “You should never have so much to do that you have no time left to contemplate.”






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