Intense price-focused communication has shaped consumers’ mindset over the past decade. Advertising campaigns like Saturn’s “Geiz ist Geil (Stinginess is cool)” in Germany have made a lasting impact on consumers purchase behaviour and the absolute price of a product has developed into the key purchase criteria. On top, the industry has reinforced this trend by offering more and more aggressive price reductions and rebates. As a result, premium manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to sell their products without price-offs and are trapped in a downward spiral.

Value Reframing is a powerful business building concept that helps to get out of this vicious circle. Value reframing is about improving the perceived price-value relationship in the eyes of specific target consumers through the power of deep consumer understanding. And the beauty of it: No change in the offering is required. Value Reframing addresses the value barriers, i.e. the reasons why consumers perceive the current offering as too expensive and consequently do not buy it.

Value Reframing is based on the fundamental truth that ALL consumers – independent of their objective financial situation – have certain products and categories where the absolute price plays a secondary role and they are prepared to spend an over proportional amount of money. These are called „splurge products or categories“. Value Reframing aims at repositioning your specific product to be a “splurge product” in the eyes of the consumer.

The Value Reframing Framework consists of several approaches that either increase the perceived value or reduce the perceived cost of a product – entirely through communication without any change in product or price.

One option to increase the perceived value is to make the consumer think about the trade-offs they are making when purchasing a cheaper alternative. Michelin has successfully used this mechanism and created a powerful and emotional communication which made the consumer aware what is at stake.

A way to reduce the perceived cost is to compare the price to something very inexpensive, thus, to trivialise the price. IAMS – a premium pet food brand – has used this idea.

Value Reframing is proven to deliver considerably improved business results – both in terms of top line and bottom line growth. Value reframing delivers fast impact and does not require additional investments.

Our Team from Berges Business Facilitation has designed a unique method, BBF V2, to unleash the business building potential of Value Reframing for your business.

We empower your team in tailor-made workshops to identify winning ideas and support the implementation of these ideas to maximise business growth.


Gerlinde Kühr & Ute Hagen
Power Facilitatorinnen & Business Experts

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